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TwoHearts~ManyVoices of Finn-Gael Forest Farm

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Ancient Ways- Planetary Healing for People, Pets & Places


Reverend “Maire” Susan Sanford

Planetary Priestess

Rites of Passage Ceremonies to commemorate life’s sacred events:

Births, weddings, coming of age/first moon, Naming ceremonies, Queen and Crone/Elder rites, birthdays,

And more…….

Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Treatments and attunements,

Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrievals

embracing my inner crone

Ordained Minister of S.H.E.S.

(Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Ministry)


Licensed to officiate weddings in the State of Hawaii


Certified Doula ~ Seattle Midwifery School


Reiki Master – 4th degree



FinnGael Forest Farm, Mountain View, Hawaii

Available for appointments in Hilo, Hawaii


If you wish to learn to Walk a Wiccan Path, please contact me about future circle classes or longer-term apprenticeship.
Wicca or WitchCraft is a beautiful life-affirming Spirituality based upon Celtic and Northern European pre-Christian, Earth-based eco-consciousness. All accepted applicants in the apprenticeship classes will delve deeply into the celebrations of the cycles of the Earth and Moon. Class circles will also explore the God and Goddess archetypes as well as the aspects of the use of ritual and sacred space, and the sacred spirit inherent in all beings. We will delve into our own process as EarthKeepers, and develop and deepen our individual spiritual connection to planet and to one another.  As Priestess of the Goddess, I take the teaching very seriously. This is a commitment of time, space, integrity and being open to learning more about who you are in relation to all that is. 

For information on openings, fees and requirements, please contact me. Apprenticeships require a year and a day commitment, and regular attendance at sessions. There will also be assignments that must be completed by the apprentices. Classes are experiential and tangential, filled with discussion, illumination and fun! On-line instruction is also a possibility.Please contact me for more information. 

Blessed Be!