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FinnGael Forest Farm Sanctuary


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During your stay here at FinnGael, a variety of options are available to you.  Whether you choose a lodging only option, lodging with meals, or lodging with meals and opt for some healing work as well, the combinations are up to you.  Since FinnGael is a working small farm, a work option is also available to those wishing to connect in a deeply personal way with the land and spirits here.
Evenings at FinnGael are spent rather simply.  After wonderful dinners prepared by a gourmet chef, nights here are enjoyed under an amazing star-filled night sky(weather permitting), with talk and music, provided at no cost by the gentle spirits here, with a little assistance from Maire's harps, and/or Davyd's guitars and flutes.



If your stay with us should coincide with our observance of spiritual significance, you are welcome to join us in a time of ritual and observance of the turnings of the Wheel.  All of the 8 Days of Power, honoring the equinoxes, solstices, and cross quarter days are honored and celebrated in ritual community.




During your stay with us, your meals can and will be designed for your tastes, comfort, and dietary needs.  Simply let us know in advance with any special requests/restrictions,  and we will work with your needs.  For specific rates and meal options, please email us at, or call us at 808-896-8537.