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FinnGael Forest Farm Sanctuary

Healing Comforts

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Maire and Davyd are both healing practitioners here at FinnGael.  Davyd is a licensed massage therapist, and both are 4th Degree Reiki Masters.  Reiki attunements and treatments are available.  Why not treat yourself to both while you're with us?  Maire can assist you with any ritual, spiritual counseling, shamanic work, or guidance you may need for your own path.  Tarot readings and assistance are other options. 
On-site is an extensive library of books covering a wide variety of spiritual paths and thoughts.  Fiction and some of the classics are available for some quiet time here.


You may wish to spend some time here, walking through this ancient forest, and getting to know the deep magick that is here, and connecting with the spirits that make their home here, with us.  There are small caves, several altars, and even some entrances into the earth, remnant of old lava tubes.  We continue to discover new secrets of this land, as time unfolds here.  As new areas are revealed to us, we will clear the enchanted walkways into our forest, so that you and others may experience them. 




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