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TwoHearts~ManyVoices of Finn-Gael Forest Farm

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Incorporating the Wisdom of Many Paths...


Merry Meet, and Welcome to TwoHearts~ManyVoices! We offer Eclectic Vibrational Healing Services, Weddings and other Ritual Ceremonies on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Our life together continues to evolve as we continue to dwell close to the Earth. Getting older presents new challenges and discoveries about ourselves and mellowing into Elder-hood.
We find that our time together has evolved into a more peaceful way of being. Our sanctuary of a home allows us and those who spend time with us to enjoy that peacefulness and be embraced by it. Our music is vastly important to us- David is perfecting his guitar-playing and Maire's harping has come a long way. It is delightful when we are able to play together!
Life is good. It is a struggle at times to be Children of the Earth in these times, but we feel blessed in so many ways. 
Our wee cottage is a place of rustic comfort surrounded by jungle and birdsong. The coqui frogs and crickets sing throughout the night.
We are hoping for funds to put solar and wind power into place and are interested in finding alternative methods of heating water without using propane, for dishwashing and showers. A rocket stove would be perfect. Future plans include building a slip-form stone bath house & sauna, adding a kitchen and sun/music room as well as a ground floor bedroom, and extending the lanai. Our small cabin is available for short term rental or work-trade options. It is off-grid and rustic, but cozy and comfortable.  Please contact us if you are interested in a short term housing situation that is unique and peaceful, with animals and gardens to immerse yourself into for a time.
We continue to hold the dream of creating a center for celebration of circles and ritual celebrations with the events we have been hosting at our forest farm. Community is key to human survival and those of like-minds need one another. We have been blessed with small, and enthusiastic groups of pagan-folk, celebrating the Wheel of the Year. We hope you will look further into our site and learn a bit more about us.
Please enjoy your visit to our page. When you are next in the islands we hope that you will contact us. We would be honored to be of service to you in some way.
May you Be Well!
Blessed Be!


David and Zuzu

Located in the Beautiful Islands of Hawai'i- Ancient Land of Lemuria....

Memorial Ceremony

Small group classes offered in aspects of Wicca. Space is limited.
Contact Maire for information.
Join in a small class setting to explore and deepen your understanding of Wicca, the ancient Native European Earth-based Spiritual Practice.  Call Maire at 808-896- 8537 for information and to set up an interview for admission to the class circle.
CELEBRATE THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR: Rituals will be held on the Eight Sacred Days of the Year. The Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-quarter days are times of Celebration! Please call for days/times and other info. regarding rituals.
COMING TO THE ISLANDS?  Are you looking for ideas about places to stay, things to do, or would you like to meet us?  Would you like to join one of our Wheel of the Year celebrations?  Give us a call, or drop us an e-mail!  808 896-8537 or write us:
Blessed Be!

Hey...Need a Massage or Reiki Treatment?
 David is fully trained and licensed in the state of Hawaii.  So why not book a relaxing, healing, and possibly transformational session today, accompanied by David's soothing flute music in the background??  He has studied Swedish, Shiatsu, Lomi-Lomi, and Reflexology, so any of these modalities can be experienced, or a combination of them during the session.  David and Maire are both Reiki Masters as well, so why not book both, a Massage with David, and a Reiki or eclectic healing, or shamanic session with Maire ?? us for details.